Tribe Coin Price Prediction: What’s in Store for the Cryptocurrency?

If you’re looking for the next big thing in crypto, you might want to keep an eye on Tribe Token. This project has the potential to be a game changer in the industry, and its price is expected to reflect that in the coming months.

Here’s what you need to know about Tribe Token and its price predictions for 2022.

What is Tribe Token?

Tribe Token is a governance token of the TRIBE ecosystem. This means that members of the TRIBE ecosystem who hold the token will be able to vote on proposals that will shape the future of the project. The token is also closely tied to the FEI network as people who hold FEI are allowed to stake their coins and earn a portion of the TRIBE distribution in return. The token is currently ranked 89th by Coincodex in terms of market cap, making it a significant crypto in the industry.

Tribe Crypto Price Prediction

Technical Analysis

As we all know, the TRIBE token was launched in April, after which it assumed an uptrend, but fell short of the $3.0 mark. Since then, TRIBE has continued to trade lower as investors raised more questions regarding its adoption and utility.

In August 2022, TRIBE traded to all-time lows of $0.14 but experienced some bullish pressure afterward. On the daily chart, the token has broken above the 50EMA and is now forming higher highs. This is a bullish sign that suggests the market may be preparing for a move higher.

The RSI indicator is currently in oversold territory, which further supports the case for a move to the upside. Further, the token’s price has increased by over 70% in the last month, signifying that there is strong demand for the token at current levels.

Fundamental Analysis

TRIBE crypto token has favorable tokenomics that can increase its adoption. The project has high liquidity based on its current market cap ($129.12M) and maintains a. This is great because it will could the selling pressure on the token and help it maintain its value in the long run. TRIBE token has a clear-cut use case as the governance token of the FEI protocol which is a major project in the DeFi space.

The Big Question

As we mentioned before, Tribe Token has been on a downtrend since it was launched. The question now is whether this is a reversal or simply a correction.

There are several factors that suggest this may be a reversal. Firstly, the token has broken above the 50EMA, which is a bullish sign. Furthermore, the project has continued to make progress and gain adoption, despite the bearish market conditions and is listed on popular exchanges like Binance.

Final Thoughts on Tribe Token

Looking at the long-term picture, it’s evident that Tribe Token has the potential to grow significantly in the next few years. The project has strong fundamentals and is backed by a team of experienced professionals. Additionally, the token is closely tied to the FEI network, which continues to grow in popularity. Based on all of these factors, we believe that Tribe Token could reach $1 by the end of 2022. 


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