Bolt Coin Price Prediction | Bolt Crypto Price Prediction [WIN OR FAIL?]

Bolt is a cryptocurrency that was created in early 2019 to lower the barrier to entry for digital creators by providing easier access to value-creation information and entertainment.  This will allow creators to exchange information more freely, thus creating more and better content.  They also have a focus on smart contracts which aid in payments for creators, sponsored playlists, and the ability to execute their own advertising. 

Creators can upload videos right to the Bolt application and the more views they receive, the higher their payment.  Platforms like Youtube and Tiktok follow this type of payment process successfully already, which makes Bolt appear to be a safe investment.  Bolt currently has over 1,000 wallets holding the token, with no one owner holding more than 11% in their wallet.  This suggests that this token is not a rug-pull scam like the infamous Squid Game token.

What Is The Current Value of Bolt?

Bolt is currently trading around $0.0034 (Sept. 2, 2022) and has been averaging this price for the past 7 days.  The average trading price over the past month is $0.0046, which shows the price of Bolt being down 26%.  Over the lifetime of Bolt, the trading price has decreased almost 92% from its all-time high of $0.041 back in its month of inception, April 2019.  The good news is that Bitcoin, the market leader, is also down significantly over the same time period. 

If Bolt follows Bitcoin, which many alt-coins do, then the bear market that Bitcoin is currently going through, is also the same bear market that Bolt is going through.  Bolt also does have utility, as in, it’s not just another meme coin, which gives Bolt a competitive advantage amongst other tokens whose values continue to decrease once the FOMO (fear of missing out) runs dry.

What Is The Predicted Price?

As previously stated, the all-time high for Bolt was $0.0046, with good utility, many wallet holders, and an apparently bright future.  The bear market is affecting everyone and so the current trading price should be taken with a grain of salt.  On the 4-hour timeline, Bolt continues to reject the support line around $0.0031, which shows that Bolt doesn’t want to go any lower than that, the short term.  In the one-day timeframe, Bolt is still below the 0.786 Fibonacci line, which can show that Bolt wants to continue its downward spiral midterm. 

On the month timeframe, since April, ’21, Bolt has continued to create lower highs without fail.  So, unless Bolt decides to create a parabolic curve scenario, and reach all-time highs again, the outlook is not so bright for Bolt.  If Bolt does regain strength in the markets again, the biggest hurdle is going to the 0.618 Fibonacci line, approximately $0.0156, since this is the Fibonacci line that is historically known to reject any token, whether it is headed above it or headed below it.  Bolt does, however, have a large community that could support higher trading prices in the future, especially once a new bull run begins. 

In summary, Bolt has a short-term outlook of trading sideways, approximately the same price it is now, a midterm high of approximately $0.0046, and a long-term outlook of anything below its current price unless it creates a parabolic curve scenario.  

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